He Was On Facebook, Then He Was Off Facebook, Now He’s Back On Facebook?!?


Let me explain:  I was on Facebook for a long while, and I developed a loyal following that appreciated my posts.  Then, in July, I decided to drop off Facebook entirely on Labor Day because I wanted to back off from bringing attention to myself.  However, I started a new job this past Monday as a news reporter, and I was told by one of my news colleagues for the company I am now working for that having a Facebook page to get information from various government and service agencies and area notables that post on Facebook was a valuable tool for my work.  So, with this in mind, I built a new Facebook page.  And, without promoting it in any particular way, I have so far attracted two friends in two days.  So I have resumed linking my Bottomless Pit blogposts to Facebook.  I was also told that Twitter is also a great source for info from those sources as well, so I’m back in the Twitterverse again.  So much for being a high-tech hermit.


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